Don’t COMPLICATE!!! Keep Life SIMPLE!!!

25 Aug

We humans are incredible beings, each richly endowed with our own unique experiences and views of reality. Thus there are many ways to present how to go about making your life your own. Life is what you make it and not what others or your circumstances make for you. Whether we come from an affluent or poverty-stricken background, we must find our passion, gain our own self-respect and create a life that we are proud to call our own. The more we imagine we need, the more we complicate our lives. The more we think we need, the less free we are. We should take personal accountability for our lives and to transcend our circumstances. As long as we think we are our circumstances, titles, parents, situations or bank accounts, we continue to suffer. It is only when we move beyond all those and realize they are not us, that we really begin to consciously create our own lives. Regardless of what socio-economic background we come from, or what external pressures we face, we can make our lives, our own.

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