How to avoid Bad Emotions?

28 Oct

Emotions are contagious and we humans are so susceptible to be influenced or get affected by others emotions, whether good or bad. A bit of self awareness will help us in avoiding bad emotions and instead catch good set of emotions. You can’t control how someone else feels or reacts to situations, but you have complete control over how you respond to their emotions.The only person that can destroy you is “YOU” and the only person who can find a gem in you is “YOU“.

  1. Pay closer attention to your feelings in different circumstances and when you are with different individuals and groups. Identify the people or groups of people who regularly bring you down, drain you, or make you feel hurt, angry, frustrated, or stressed.
  2. Distance yourself when possible from those who infect you with their negativity. If you can’t completely remove yourself from the situation, as in workplace or project team, make sure that you take “breaks” where you do something that makes you happy, or spend time with positive people who make you feel up instead of down.
  3. Be happy and positive even when others around you are complaining or sad or angry. This will break the pattern of negativity. Include, as may positive comments as possible in conversations and create a positive environment.
  4. Don’t blame but speak to the person or people who are causing you to feel down or stressed or angry. Sometimes by simply pointing out to negative people what they are doing or how they are making you feel can motivate them to change. Most of the times people may not be aware of how they have been reacting unless a third person takes a courage to tell them.
  5. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Much like a common cold or any other illness, if you are tired, weak, or hungry, you will be even more vulnerable to catching someone’s negative emotions. Make sure you get enough sleep. Eat well, exercise, and do some outdoor activities.

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