The Philosophy of life

10 Sep

Philosophy of life will be different for everyone and largely depends on one’s life experience. There would be many people that have similar philosophy on life but none of them would be exactly the same. There are many who believe that the purpose of life is known only by God and he is the one who has chosen it for us before we were ever born, and that part of the reason is to be here for someone else.

Everywhere we go we are confronted by things that are important- but to whom? What’s important to me may not be important to you. We can ask ourselves what’s important, but what does that really mean? Does it mean that what we consider important may not really be important in the big scheme of things? Maybe we’re not important at all, or maybe we are but just don’t know it yet. Or maybe we need someone else to compare ourselves to feel important, or maybe we need someone to praise us to feel important. A lot of people take the approach of belittling someone else to feel important, or by comparing themselves to others to believe they’re more important. But are they really as important as they feel they are? Does feeling important have anything to do with being important? Is being important really that important to us? Does importance have an importance in itself? Maybe it’s not important. What matter does the importance of one thing have over another? Who decides what’s more important anyways? Who’s to say one person’s child is more important than another or another person’s heart worth more than another?

The way I have experienced life has made me change my way thinking more than once and I am sure it will change again. We lose our way from time to time when we forget what’s important to us. Some spend a lifetime looking and never think they find it. We’ve become a culture seeking fulfillment in physical things and tangibles that often we overlook the everyday gifts that bring us the greatest joys and simple pleasures. We take so many things for granted and concentrate so much on the ownership of things that something that seems to have importance one moment suddenly loses its glitter the next. Perhaps, what’s truly important to each of us is simpler than we may believe. Perhaps it lies at the foundation of each of our beings, found in the basic structure of who each of us are: our values and beliefs, our hopes and dreams, our ideals and our passions.

We are what we value and what we believe of ourselves. We have the gift of free-will to decide each day, each hour, each minute, each second who we are and what we will do the coming day and each day after that. We make choices every day, we live everyday, and in unhappiness, a little of us dies every day. But like the waves coming across the beach of time, the sands of life are replaced with each stroke of the tide. Nature always returns what she takes away.

Each day is an effort and as we begin sleeping through our lives, there is so much pain and hurt, everyone stabbing each other with knives. Each turn we take is another chance and opens up another door. It’s up to us if we get up and dance or choose to sit. As we grow older we start to see that the world is on our shoulder and reality is telling us that we are not who we want to be. Do not allow anyone to dictate you who you are and who you want to be. Each of us has within our hopes and dreams.   It does no good for us to cry, everybody lives and everybody has to die and we all go through pain and have a set amount of time. All that we can do is look to the future with hope that someday things will all make sense and as time goes on, we will find ways to cope with the pain and it will no longer seem so intense. Do your best to make sense of everything you are given and if nothing works out hold your head up high, keep living.

On one level we simply are. On another we must also recognize that through living, we also make choices about who we will become. We touch others every day with our words, with our words, our actions, and with our joy and our grief. And they in turn touch our hearts in similar ways. The world isn’t always perfect, but the choices we make are ours alone, based solidly upon our values and ideals. We may choose every day to be angels, granting wishes, helping those in needs, caring, and inspiring others with our words, with our passions, with our hopes and our dreams. And subsequently, we have the responsibility to look at ourselves each day and ask ourselves who we are and what it is that’s truly important to each one of us.

What’s important to me? What should I do differently today that didn’t work yesterday? Am I happy with the choices I made? What can I do from this point on about who I am inside to make myself a better person if I’m not happy with who I am now? What do I fear and why? And what is it that’s really important in my life? Is acquiring material wealth no matter the cost really that important? Is being seen, worshipped, or placed on a pedestal really that important to make me feel like a worthwhile individual? Is feeling that I fit in a group so important that it’s worth sacrificing my ideals, values, and everything I believe?

Life is all about choices, touching others, and being touched by the acts of others each day. It’s about who we really are. It’s about finding our true selves and being honest about what we feel and what we believe every hour of every day. It is absolutely important that each of us never surrender those things we feel are right and true within ourselves. To do so would only leave us feeling like we’ve betrayed the foundations of who we are. Never surrender the honesty of your hopes, your dreams, or your values, no matter what anyone says. In the end, the person you really have to live with isn’t your parents, your friends, or those who pressure you into doing things. It’s YOU.

Never forget from where you came. Never lose sight of where you are. And always look forward to where you want to go to chart your course over the great oceans of life. Some will navigate by the stars, some by the charts, and others by the winds alone. They all reach destinations and exotic ports of call eventually. Some stop for a while, while others journey on. But the memory of their journey will be recounted from the lips of the other travelers they met along the way. Some will recall the friendships they forged with them if not for a little while; others will recall their choices at difficult crossroads.

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