Online / Offline Media Integration

8 Sep

ROI of Social Media Campaign for Sea World San Antonio

Consumers are now using the web to look for product pictures and videos; they want more information and want to see what they’re considering buying.

Objectives of Social Media Campaign:

  • Encourage people to participate in discussions
  • Raise awareness about sea world
  • Create demand
  • Increase number of visitors

The offline activities adopted to engaged users included:

  • Television commercials (most effective after TV ads – 40% of visitors)
  • Word of mouth
  • Park Brochure/ maps used while in the park
  • TV or print news story
  • Radio commercial
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Pass member communication
  • Billboards
  • Questionnaires

What were the specific online activities that engaged users (or not)?

  • 22 coaster enthusiast blogs and forums
  • Influencers were chosen to experience sea world
  • 100’s of small bloggers were chosen to spread word
  • They leverages on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email, etc.
  • A content rich destination Web site was deployed to serve as the hub for content and information.
  • The in-house SeaWorld team created eleven videos and a 45-photo portfolio
  • Communities such as YouTubeFlickr and Veoh; were also used on the SeaWorld Coasters multimedia site with social media networks as the backbone of the project. It allowed bloggers to repost them.

In what ways were they successful?

On/Offline promotions were a big hit and had a tremendous response. The Sea World team conducted a survey over two weekends to understand the effect of the online content. They asked two questions: 1) Did you come today to ride the Journey to Atlantis? 2) Where did you hear about the Journey to Atlantis?

Using a formula that applies a value to each visitor to the park (per person), they were able to determine that the group that said they heard about the ride from the Internet resulted in more than $2.6 million in revenue.

Thousands of   Positive reviews were posted on YouTube; there was exceptional turn out to the media launch day. The cost of the social media campaign was only $0.22 per visitor versus the $1 cost per viewer of television. Social media had a better outreach than television.

What additional activities would you recommend to strengthen engagement with users?

  • They should actively use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to engage users along with their website as the main hub for information.
  • The key to success is to identify the top roller coaster enthusiast bloggers and forum participants on regular basis and treat the roller coaster bloggers as VIPs.
  • Have customer appreciation day or special events for visitors and make them feel special.
  • Invite press for conferences, conduct charitable functions at sea world, invite kids for educational sessions, etc. All these events will give sea world great publicity and promotion.

What were the different Social Marketing platforms used in the campaign and how they were utilized?

  • Website – As main hub for information
  • Blogs – Influencers + 100’s of small bloggers to create viral
  • Forums – To discuss and promote sea world
  • YouTube – A picture is worth 1000 words and when supported by a video can do magic. It engages the user and conveys the message in matter of few seconds. Not only it conveys message, user retains message too, thereby increasing the brand recall value.
  • Flickr – It was used to share pictures and visitor experiences.
  • Veoh Provides worldwide audiences with an unparallel digital media and social viewing experience
  • Facebook – To communicate with visitors, handle complaints, discuss and engage visitors, conduct contests, share coupons or deals for the day, etc.
  • Twitter – Twitter shared the same purpose as Facebook.

** Please click on the names of the social networking sites above to visit their respective web page

Was SM effective? How?

  • Positive reviews on YouTube and blogs.
  • Internet resulted in more than $2.6 million in revenue
  • Savings of $0.22 per visitor.

What specific elements were in all three campaigns that could be translated into other social media efforts? 

They all had a specialized social media team, a Blog, Facebook, Twitter and photo/video sharing accounts like tumblr, pinterest, you tube, flickr, sites though different but served the same purpose. Also they made use of both on/offline media to engage and reach users.

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