How the Social Web Destroys Traditional Marketing

8 Sep

Traditional marketing is not compatible with the social world. The social web is not just a different format; it is a completely different form of communication.

Current consumers are much more proactive than they used to be prior to the advent of the internet. Companies must connect with empowered consumers and find new ways to market their products and to provide customer support.



MTNL is the Total Telecom Service Provider of Mumbai, India. It is a government company and in India Government Company going social and asking customers for feedback on open platform is a rare activity. But I should say that they have been doing a great job.



In above screenshot you will see that the company has empowered its fans and asking for the feedback from customers Valuable feedback which will motivate us to improve it.”


On the left hand side of the screen shot you will find that the company has responded to the customer regarding the slow internet connection problem. And if you look at the time frame within which the MTNL customer service has responded, it’s within one hour after posting the complaint, representative responded stating why there was a problem and also referred customer to the right department.

On the right hand side of the screen shot you will find that the company has responded to the customer query regarding the new landline plan they have recently launched.

In the above image you will find MTNL congratulating all its fans and also to the person on the left for winning the Olympic gold medal for India.



Pfizer, pharmaceutical company, launched, wherein visitors can enter a concept or question and get opinions from experts in return.


Another social tool being used by Pfizer is Twitter. Specifically, Pfizer used Twitter to promote a site called, a resource designed exclusively to help people who have quit smoking, or are trying to quit smoking. This website does not focus on why to quit, assuming that everyone already knows that tobacco is bad for your health, but rather on how to stop the habit, and how to stay away from cigarettes. Of course, it is also serves as a platform for Pfizer-sold drugs like Chantix, a smoking cessation treatment.



Finally there is YouTube, where Pfizer has launched a channel of its own that caters to both consumers and health care professionals. About one out of five consumers in the United States have watched a health related online video, and 93% of them have taken some sort of action after watching, and it would not be surprising that among those actions was getting a prescription for a medication. Pfizer also uses YouTube to address certain issues pertaining to Viagra online. Following these trends allows Pfizer to provide more options for empowered consumers who are more likely to respond to this form of communication.


The first step in handing consumer feedback should always be to listen and in turn receive feedback.  There are different ways to listen on each social platform.  One can listen to all platforms, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.

Both the companies mentioned above follow these steps:

  1. Listen to customer complaints
  2. Answers them
  3. Never deletes negative comments
  4. Do not ignore comments, criticisms, etc.
  5. Engages current and potential consumers with a hope to increase brand loyalty
  6. Have incorporated Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section
  7. These companies know that asking questions is a key component to eliciting consumer feedback and building engagement.
  8. These companies have a response team who make sure that complaints are addressed within 24 hours
  9. They ask their fans what they need. So that they, with their help, can continue to be remarkable.
  10. Consumer feedback, whether positive or negative, is one of the most beneficial aspects of social media.  They know that consumer feedback should not be something to be feared. Infact they use feedback to embrace and build brand recognition, loyalty and engagement.


The social web is cheaper, faster, much bigger, more powerful, direct, up-close, and far quicker than anything in the past. The social web is filled with people talking about companies and products.

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